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Definitely, a good breed is the deciding factor in the overall quality of a race horse but it is not the key factor in producing a winning race horse. There are various other factors which aid in determining the future of a race horse. Though it is said that a champion is born to win but factors such as fine breeding, training, psychology, and physiology also play major roles in determining a race horse’s future as a winner. Here are some key areas that help to ensure that a horse is in top shape and have chances of winning.

winning race horse

Deciding factors of winning race horse

Genes: Having the winning genes is the most important factor for winning a race. Every horse doesn’t have the right combination of physiological ingredients that are required to become one of the best. During a race that includes the distance of the Melbourne Cup, a race horse will consume about 250 liters of oxygen. Its heart pumps 300 liters of blood every minute. Therefore, they will need to have the physical capacity of endurance, and the ability to sprint to the line. Certainly, this ability will vary from horse to horse. So, some horses are only suited for short sprint races, while others are suitable only for endurance events. Apart from the need of both endurance and speed to have a chance of winning the race, a winning race horse also needs a high concentration of fast twitch muscle fibers, because with enough slow twitch fibers it will be able to last the race distance.

Psychology:  No matter if the horses are well bred or well trained, some horses are not at all excited to win a race while some are overexcited. If a horse is not calm and always agitated then it is likely that they will underperform on the track because they will lose too much energy in expressing excitement. Generally, calm horses win the race. Some horses may start out with excitement and tend to underperform on the track but with proper training, they will settle down and get used to the life of a race horse. The horse will remain calm on the race day that completely depends on how well the horse and the jockey know each other. Apart from knowing each other, it is essential that they are comfortable with each other and can work together. Therefore, the horse’s psychology is important when it is about winning a race.

Avoiding injuries: During race or training accidents may happen. Often these accidents can’t be foreseen or avoided. Most of the times they are more insidious and less obvious injuries that race horses can develop. With diligence and careful training along with a watchful eye, these injuries can be avoided. There is even a role of luck in this. If there is Fatigue failure of both tendon and bone which is quite common amongst racehorses, then there is a possibility of bone fractures, hip fractures, tendon and ligament injuries, and joint injuries. Both during racing as well as in the duration of training a lot of stress is applied to the limbs of a race horse. If repeatedly high stress or load is applied on the horse’s limbs and joints then that can cause fatigue failure and injury without any prior warning. This shouldn’t be mistaken as tiredness of the horse instead it is a failure is the deterioration of tendons and bone over time, resulting in an injury in the form of a sprain or break. Therefore, those who are involved in the training process of winning race horses have to understand the reasons of occurrence of fatigue failure so that they can develop such training regimes where the horse gets adequate rest and recuperation.  Proper rest will allow bones, ligaments, and tendons to recuperate rather than gradually getting worn out.

Training: Besides having genes of a winning racehorse there must be proper training for winning the race. As the Melbourne Cup is one of the longest races around, so there is a need to properly train a horse to be competitive to cover the 3200-meter distance. The trainers have to put the horse through a series of fast gallops for short distance sprints to the finish line. They have to train the horses for both slower, and longer gallops so the horse can maintain speed throughout the duration of the race.

Thus, it can be said that a lot of effort is required to make a winning race horse. A trainer can only make a winning horse when the horse has the winning genes and learning psychology. If you want to know more about the races horses then visit RSGlobaldesk for complete information on it.

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