If you’re in the application process for disability insurance, the whole system can confuse you a little. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a wide range of laws, legislation like the other central government departments. Understanding more about the program will benefit you as you pass from initial application to final application judgment.

After an initial review, about 28 percent of Social Security Disability Insurance applications are approved. When the original appeal is rejected, then an applicant may then lodge a reconsideration motion. When this appeal is then refused, instead an applicant can lodge a motion for a hearing on a Social Security Disability; a technical specialist can come into play at this point.

 Vocational experts play an enormously critical part in the hearing, allowing the judge in administrative law (ALJ) to reach a definitive judgment on a claimant’s appeal. Read on to learn more about just what a qualified specialist is — and what they’re going to do at the hearing.

What Is a Vocational Expert?

A vocational specialist is certified by the SSA as an extremely skilled witness. They are not lawyers. Despite being compensated by the SSA, they are viewed as neutral — not representing either side at the tribunal.

Veterans Disability Vocational Experts generally have graduate degrees and considerable experience in the field of vocational rehabilitation. They are entitled to submit proof on the grounds of:

  • Awareness and understanding of emerging manufacturing and job patterns and the dynamics of the local labor market;
  • An interpretation of how the SSA defines a claimant’s disability;
  • Understanding of career training and job placement by eligible adult employees in employment;

In general, Vocational experts have expertise in vocational training, educational and earning ability, substitution labor expenses, missed revenue, and wasted ability and time in the delivery of domestic services.

The Role of a Vocational Expert at Veterans Disability Claim hearing

For cases where a failure to provide medical benefits has been challenged, a qualified specialist is called in. An administrative judge may usually appoint a vocational expert to give evidence as to how an applicant should do his previous research or some other job. Before the hearing, the vocational expert must show evidence of the event and review the background experience of the applicant’s research.

The Administrative law judge will challenge the qualified expert at the hearing, and the claimant and his or her party will have the power to examine the expert.

The vocational expert shall have a response as to whether a hypothetical person may conduct the previous research as defined by the Administrative Law Judge. If the hypothetical employee is unable to do past employment, the specialist should determine whether there are any other jobs that he or she might do.

When the applicant’s attorney asks the vocational expert, the aim will be to get the expert to exclude these other jobs. This is done by adding limitations that may have been excluded from the judge’s hypothesis. When, at the end of the day, the qualified specialist suggests that a hypothetical person cannot do any work, it can result in a favorable judgment for the candidate.

Importance of the Vocational Expert’s Testimony

The vocational expert may have a considerable impact on the disability appeal of the claimant. When the qualified specialist holds the view that the claimant should fulfill the tasks of his or her old work, a disability claim may be ruled against the applicant.

Nevertheless, if the Vocational expert determines that the applicant cannot fulfill his or her old work, the judge may like to know how the applicant will transition to some other sort of job. When that is the case, the career specialist should have a variety of potential positions that may be suitable for the existing physical capability and ability level of the candidate.


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