Each individual has their own capabilities and while we judge an individual on the basis of their disabilities is not only an unhealthy environment but also not permitted by law. Yes, a person can be charged under the law if he or she does not treat the disabled the same way as anyone else. But at times people with disabilities tolerate discrimination and do not understand their rights.

Now it is time to raise your voice again the discrimination towards the disabled. if you still face the same behavior then use hour rights and file a case. But what if you don’t know which law protects your right? Whole to approach for this kind of case? You can hire an employment law attorney in Los Angeles to understand your case & guide to help you out.

What do you understand by disability harassment?

While understanding disability discrimination you need to know that there are types of disability harassment. Individuals are discriminated against due to their association with a disabled person or when a disability is believed about them and at times when a person is really disabled then it is worse.

How do you come across with different types of disability harassment?

There could be different types of disability harassment and you need to understand when it should be stopped. Here are the different types of disability harassment that are commonly found in society.

Direct harassment

There will be situations when a person is treated differently from other people and in those situations, the harassment due to disability is certainly visible. In this type of case, you cannot step back; you must hire the best disability discrimination attorney in Los Angeles. Talk to the attorney and reach out to a solution rather than tolerating yourself.

Direct discrimination is found at various places starting from your family to your workplace. It may happen then and your family a disabled child is treated differently than a normal child or in the workplace, a disabled employee is not given more opportunities than a normal employee.

Indirect disability harassment

there are various norms and regulations in the society that prevail in the workplace, at your homes, and at various other organizations. When you are affected due to various norms in the society then it is known as indirect disability discrimination.

While being at a place there would be different norms for a disabled person, for example, a disabled person may have to avoid their neighbors or the neighbor’s taunt at a disabled person. This kind of situation is indirect disability harassment that should be immediately looked at by hiring a disability harassment attorney in Los Angeles.

Laws that cover disability harassment

If you are in any of the situations mentioned above then you do not have to be worried or get anxious all the time. It is your right to file a complaint against the direct or indirect discrimination that you come across with. The various laws that cover different types of disability discrimination are as follows.

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Various federal agencies conduct programs for federal financial assistance, federal employment, and much more. But what happens at these agencies may be known to some disabled people. They may have come across various discrimination practices.

The act is made to protect the right of the disabled in these federal agencies. The discrimination can be in form of employment norms, eligibility, salaries, and much more. You need to identify these factors and take action upon them.

The Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2010

There are different institutions except for federal institutions such as state and local governments, employment agencies, private employers, and labor unions. All these institutions are regulated under the act so that there are no unwanted norms for disabled individuals.

If any norms are found in these organizations that are not according to the act, you can directly file a complaint. Consult with an attorney to get specific details of the case. Various other norms for recruitment of employees, layoffs, and leaves are also hi en in the act. You must know the legal procedures to avoid illegal practices.

Whenever there is a slight chance of disability harassment in the workplace or at any other place then you need to stop it from the start. If the discrimination continued then hire an attorney and consult what are the possible actions to be taken.


A good disability discrimination attorney in Los Angeles can give you an overview of the case. Then after it is your call to take further action or not. But you should not tolerate this kind of behavior. You are the one who can maintain your self-respect. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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