After your wedding date is fixed, the time comes for planning and arranging everything that is needed to make your wedding day perfect. One of the important things, which requires a lot of planning is choosing and decorating your wedding theme as everything about your wedding centres on your theme. It involves deciding flowers music, food, favours, the venue itself, your clothes, your guest list, and so many more.

Wedding Theme

When it comes to choose a wedding theme there are a few factors one must keep in mind.  And it is always advised to research everything before you finally start working on your theme. Going to half a way and then suddenly feeling like you want to start it all over again is not a good idea.

Wedding ideas should reflect the interest and personalities of both the bride and groom. If you are a bride and your husband is letting you do everything according to your choice, still it is better if you take his feedback in every important step. After all, it is his special day too. Sometimes, while deciding the theme a situation arise that you and your spouse’s choice are not matching. Don’t worry there must be something common, that both of you like. Try to find out that.

Also, while deciding a wedding theme you need to keep the following things in your mind

Size: How big do you want your wedding to be or how many guests you want to invite. Do you want to have a big glamorous wedding or you prefer it to be a more personal and family affair?

Cost: We all have stick to a budget. Decide how much you can or you want to spend on your wedding. If you don’t want to spend much then plan a theme accordingly.

Location: Location is another great factor that will influence your wedding theme. Decide beforehand what kind of location you want? Do you prefer a beach side wedding or a garden wedding or you want to plan a destination wedding? You can also bring a wedding destination of your choice by using props and other creative decorations that represent the place. For example, if you want to capture the beauty of Paris in your wedding, but unable to actually have the wedding there, you can bring some signature elements of Paris, its well-known flowers, or the iconic Eiffel tower.

You can surprise and give them happiness by disclosing your honeymoon destinations at the end of your wedding. In that case you have to pre-book your Honeymoon Package in order to avoid any changes.

A popular theme idea is colour inspired themes where everything is colour coded to match precisely.  These types themes are easier to plan. All you need to do is to make sure that the colour is prominently visible in every aspect of your wedding. Choose flowers, use table frails, lights, and other decorations in that specific colour. Some popular colours for wedding theme ideas are pink, yellow, and other pastels aside from gold and silver for that added “wow” factor.

Another popular wedding theme is based on different seasons of the year. Spring, summer, fall and winter have specific essences which separate them from one another and these essences of the seasons give us the ability to create a theme based on the special factors of these seasons.  If you want to consider the season in which your wedding is occurring, then you have to choose the appropriate colours that represent the season, the flowers that bloom in that season as well as to serve foods that are fresh during that time of year. The decor, the setting, your attire would reflect the positive aspects of the season. For example, if your wedding would take place in Fall, then you must use the typical colours of Fall like red, yellow, gold etc or if your wedding takes place in winter, you can widely use the shades of white, green and red and also decor the theme with snowflakes.

A theme idea that has been quite popular nowadays is setting your wedding in a certain time from history. This type of theme will recreate a different time period of your choice. If you want to recreate the medieval wedding, you can book the venue at a castle. Or suppose you are interested to have a Victorian feel in your wedding, you can use plenty of lace in your wedding attire and serve guests tea from fancy tea sets.

For your wedding themes, you can also use a special day or festival that takes place at the time of your wedding. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas are popular theme that a lot of couples are using at their wedding. What you have to do is to bring the special elements of that particular day through the decorations. For Valentine’s Day theme you can decorate with red roses, heart-balloons, heart shaped cushions and small teddy bears and gift the guests chocolate boxes.

There are innumerable ideas when it comes to decorating a wedding themes. Whatever theme you choose, choose it from your heart so that you can enjoy every step of it.

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