The term marketing and SEO are not just popular in eCommerce or online leading businesses but also equally big in legal and law firm marketing.

It all came to limelight in 1976 when John Bates and Van O’Steen discovered that they do not have enough projects to keep their staff engaged. And the solution they acknowledge was marketing and advertising.

Why SEO is important?

This won’t be a shock if you learn that 96% of people seeking legal advice consider Google to be a better option than turning yellow pages.

Additionally, more than 74% of seekers prefer getting answers to their questions via online articles as they have mobile in their hand which makes everything congenial and much more manageable.

Well, it is the stated fact that the legal industry is a bit slow in order to adopt technologies, but that doesn’t mean they lack skills and demand, just a good direction and boom every piece are onto their places.

Law Firm SEO Basics

  • It is the on-point process and one of the most prominent client procurement strategies to enhance your online activity and presence so that when it comes to search for any legal services your website rank higher in search engine for certain keywords.
  • Law Firm Marketing is highly valuable as it presents your work in front of people at the exact time when they require the exact service you offer.
  •  And that affirms the fact that SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate whereas outbound leads such as print media have a 1.7% close rate. Astonished, aren’t you!!

SEO guidelines and best tips for legal firms

Write, write and write

Writing long-form content can turn out to be very useful. Make sure you have lengthy articles with 250 to 2500 words. Try to turn your website as a legal hub but remember it’s for your potential clients.

Do not trick the search engine

Do not indulge in manipulative tactics and techniques that can eventually land you in banning situation. You can opt for webmaster tools if you think that there are some past mistakes.

Focus the main

Focus on your SEO campaign on a few phrases within the practicing area. SEO for lawyers , legal firm SEO gets you the best result when the most important practice areas are targeted first.

Always Quality over Quantity

Although, backlinks are important however you necessitate only the best ones so it’s better to choose quality over quantity. It is essential to mark your credentials and NAP (Name, address, and phone) all genuine and the same.

A better website with bounce rate, time on site and good usability

Well, it is no more a secret that Google’s RankBrain takes fledged account on time on site, click-thru rates, and bounce rates. This specifies that you require a listing that catches the attention so that people click on your search result and hold the attention once the user is on the page.

 Let’s understand the working process of SEO step by step

  • Well, the search engines including Google trail pages on the web by categorizing and indexing them with countless others.
  • When an individual is searching for any topic it transmits to Google’s library as a request.
  • Now, what happens that Google uses device learning and artificial intelligence to interpret your search term and showcase web pages with the information that has been searched.


Law firm SEO is equally important as any other business line. So adapt as per the requirement and get ready for progressive marketing. This article comprises of enough information to rub your hand on SEO strategy. You get to endeavor the excessive information in Google Analytics and search console in order to measure your results. Continue to tweak up your strategy and refining for more progress in order to benchmark your success.

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