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You will always want to choose the best gown for an occasion as it is the first and last formal party before your wedding. The dress must compliment your figure irrespective of your size as well as it should suit your complexion and hair. Here some tips are mentioned which will help you to choose the right prom dress.

Prom Dress

Tips to choose the prom dress

Plan ahead: Before you start searching for your prom dress online or in departmental stores, you have to make a budget for that and plan accordingly. Knowing how much you can spend on the dress you can choose the best prom dress that too without exceeding your budget. You should keep a margin so that if you find something you just exclude but it costs a little more than you planned. If you find the perfect one that comes under budget, you can spend more on your shoes or hair styling so that you obtain the best look. Therefore, it is essential to plan the style of dress you can wear beforehand.

Plan early:  Whether you are planning to stitch the dress or you want to buy a ready-made prom dress, then there is a possibility that you have to make the fittings at a number of places. That’s the reason you should choose the dress well in advance of the date. If the process of choosing the dress starts well in advance then you can avoid the last-minute rush. If you are not planning beforehand then you may get disappointed by the end results. It is better to plan and implement the process as early as possible.

Choose the dress according to your figure: When you are purchasing such an important dress, then you should look for a flattering dress. If you have a perfect figure then you are lucky but if you don’t have a perfect figure, then there is nothing to worry about. In case you are very thin then you may need some ruffles over the bodice or be larger above the waist with narrow hips. You can go for an A-line with a halter neckline may be the best style. Whereas if you are rounder, sometimes called an apple figure, then it’s better to avoid short dresses and try an empire style or Asymmetrical styles which also flatter the rounder figure. If your bust, waist, and hips are about the same size then almost any style will suit you. You should have a defined bodice and more volume at the bottom of the dress.

Decide the color: In any dress color is an essential factor. When it is about prom dress, then again the color is very important. If you have a personal liking for sapphire blue, then it doesn’t suit your dark-brown hair. So, you must choose a color that enhances your skin tone and hair color because it is overall about looking amazing. Besides choosing the best prom dress, your shoes and corsage need to match or complement the color of your dress, so that you look the best on that day. Nowadays, wearing contrast colors is also into preference but whatever color you choose that must complement the dress.

Choose the dress according to the theme: A themed prom night is very common.  If you are aware of the theme before purchasing the dress, you make sure that dress is according to the theme. Suppose the prom has a theme from a movie or an era, then you should plan according to that provided you know about it before planning. You can easily narrow down style and color when you start looking at all the possibilities. Therefore, considering all the possibilities the best tip for choosing a prom dress is to give yourself plenty of time before making the final choice. Apart from finding a pretty dress if you need suggestions in the ways to dress up then visit RSGlobaldesk for more such tips. There are a number of gorgeous dresses out there that will fit you so don’t be in a hurry at the last minute and instead take time and make a wise decision. That implies you should start your preparation at least one month before prom night.

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