With this changing world, the trends are also changing. Now, a celebration looks imperfect without greeting your loved ones with a delicious cake.  A piece of fascinating cake can make you cheerful and enjoy each and every moment of the occasion. So, in order to make your celebration memorable and to ensure a sweet smile on the face of your family, friends or loved ones, Layerbite has come up with its online cake shop in Bangalore. Now you can order cake online from any location in Bangalore. We have kept the ordering process as simple as possible so that people can make the order within a few seconds. Cakes, nowadays, have become an integral part of any occasion, celebration or party. Whether it is for birthday, anniversary or for any special occasions like fathers’ day, mothers’ day and more, you can choose and order from our online cake shop. Various flavorsome cakes with fine ingredients are available over here. So, go ahead for ordering cake online without a second thought.

Order cake online
Order Cake Online

Cakes with a Huge Variety

Delighting people on their special occasions is our first priority. This is the only reason we have delicious cakes with different styles and flavors for different occasions. Starting from the chocolate flavor, butterscotch to red velvet, fruit cake- you will get a huge variety of cakes so that you can choose the right cake according to your special day. Keeping the fact that each and every occasion is different and requires different cakes as well, we make sure that people will get the option of customizing cakes as their own choice. For example, you want to thank someone for some reason; you can wish the person with a beautiful “Thank You” cake by customizing the online order. The cakes are hand-crafted, soft, and fluffy and mouthwatering. So, Layerbite is not less than a paradise for cake lovers. You can order cake online with various options of cakes while going through our online cake shop.

There are flavored cakes such as

Red velvet cake

• Rasmalai cake

• Fresh cream cake

• Chocolate cake

• Black Forest cake

• Fruit cake

• Flavored Pastries

• Personalized cakes like “Thank You”, “Sorry”, “Love You”, “Miss you” etc.

There are so many varieties of cakes for different occasions like

• Birthday party

• Anniversary

• Wedding

• Baby shower

• Farewell party

• Christmas

• Any special day like fathers’ day, mothers’ day, teachers’ day and so on.

• Office Events like “Best Manager”, “Best Employee” and a lot more.

Cake Ingredients:

It is quite natural for our customers to be curious about the ingredients that are used in cakes. Well, we do not intend to keep that secret. For preparing a tasty and fascinating cake, pastries and cupcakes, different ingredients are required to give a different taste from each other. But some fresh & fine ingredients like all-purpose flour, egg, milk, butter, oil, baking soda, cornstarch, baking powder, cocoa powder, salt, sugar, Choco chips, white compound, dark compound, cooking cream, fresh fruits, and so many essentials are commonly used most of the time.

Delivery Option

Last but not the least; we have the fastest delivery option. You will get the cake at your door just within 2 hours. We have a custom delivery option at Midnight Delivery so that you can give a pleasant surprise to your loved ones at midnight as well. So, the next time you want to wish your beloved ones, just go for Layerbite.

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