Whether you’re a replacement startup or a longtime business with growing troubles, finding the proper workspace is a crucial step toward successfully expanding your business. Providing a productive work environment for yourself and your team is often a game-changer when trying to determine and legitimize your brand. But before jumping at the primary office space that becomes available, you ought to carefully consider the unique needs of your business, and confirm you understand the prices of maintaining an independent office space.

Office Space
Office Space

5 Important Considerations for selecting the proper office space

1. Office location is vital when renting office space

No matter what sort of business you use, the location of your office is vital. Check for an office at a venue that is easy for both workers and clients to urge and convenient for. Test to see if nearby buildings are filled by thriving businesses and whether they are healthy in the local neighbourhood.

Ensure the office is accessible by car or conveyance with low costs. Although premises in city outskirts are generally cheaper, it’s going to be less accessible to your clients. Your office location may affect your business’s reputation – association with a specific area will shape the way some clients view your business.

2. Parking place in office space

Make sure your office space comes with several parking lots, preferable for free of charge. If it doesn’t, consider setting aside a particular amount to form arrangements for that. You don’t want to show your clients away simply because they couldn’t find an honest place to park their vehicles. Neither does one want them to bother with tickets. However, now is applicable as long as your clients really do like it better to drive to your office.

3. Find the simplest serviced offices

Many small businesses like better to rent shared, serviced offices that provide a variety of services and facilities within the lease agreement. Shared facilities may include furniture, Wi-Fi, kitchens, lounge, and storage areas also as support like security, concierges, and receptionists. Serviced offices are great for little business start-ups, allowing you to consider the important task of growing your business without the financial outlay for furniture and equipment. Leases for a serviced office are typically shorter than those for conventional office spaces, so you’ll quickly change your premises counting on your business requirements. 

4. Don’t forget hidden costs

The top-line figure on a lease doesn’t truly reflect what you’ll find yourself when renting office space. Check to determine what’s included in your lease and don’t forget to allow additional fees and costs. 

5.  Location contemplations

If you’ll afford it, choose your office during a location that’s easily accessible from a majority of key places. In other words, it should be easy to find and reach. This also means transport links and connectivity are of the essence. This may add the favor of both – your clients also as employees.

6.  The office should impress

In the business world, the primary impression is usually the last impression. It is, therefore, important that you simply rent an area that helps you create the cut together with your clients, especially if you affect upscale ones. Confirm your office, its entryway and therefore the surroundings are well-maintained and clean. If it’s landscaping at the doorway, it should be adequately attended to. 

The building and construction should be kept with the image you would like to portray and will be ready to give off the knowledgeable vibe to the incoming clients right from the word go. This will even have an impression on your current and prospective employees. Walking into a neat and clean office may be a matter of pride and far more motivating than entering a dingy building.

 7. The lease

Once you’ve decided where you would like to line shop, you’re getting to have a symbol a lease to officially seal the deal. Signing this particular line is one of the most important commitments also as liabilities of your business. When choosing the terms and conditions and therefore the length of your lease, do be mindful that they’re kept together with your current cash-flows rather than future projections.

And other factors like repairing cost, Security of the Neighborhood, reputation of the Vicinity are also important.


Finding an office space that meets all of your needs takes patience and researching skills. The more research you perform, the upper is going to be your chances of finding the perfect place with the terms and conditions that you’re comfortable with. You would like not to be highly skilled to rent billboard space, but performing the specified due diligence from your end will cause you to easier together with your decision.

At Bedrock Realty Advisors Inc., you’ll still enjoy the privacy of your own office while sharing spaces like Calgary office space rental, an opportunity room, printers and FAX, cleaning and other amenities. Office space for rent in Calgary where your clients hold meetings and receive mail and phone calls. Economize while maximizing productivity during a brightly lit and well-decorated space, centrally located for the convenience of staff and clients alike. Contact us today for a tour, and see why Commercial Lease Calgary offers the right solution for your office space needs. 

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