Some time ago, dress code was something that was meant for only ladies in general. But these days, men’s dress code is no less important than women. Today, success of a men is somewhat dependent on their ability to dress properly and choose the style appropriate to the event.  Actually, it determines his success level in the communication. Here is list of things that comes under the dress code of men that every man should follow for better communication.


A tie is not necessary for every event. You need not wear it for corporate events, but it is recommended to wear it for a wedding. Though it is chosen very carefully, like you should go for neutral color and geometric pattern. In case of bow tie bright colors can be selected but too for young people whose age is within 30 years. Here are two famous variants of ties.

Creative Black Tie

Wearing a black tie is a formal style. You will need such a men’s dress code is required for formal events that are organized in late evenings. It includes dinner parties, weddings, or some other functions. In this dress code, you need to include a Black Tuxedo, Black Trousers, Black Vest, Belts, White Shirt, Dark Socks and Matte Black Shoes. Nowadays, you can even wear dark blue tones. You can choose a vest only if the tuxedo has one button. Besides that, belt cannot be worn instead of that black suspenders are required. Whereas the pants should be made of the same fabric as the tuxedo. Stripes of the same fabric as tuxedo lapels should be sewn on them so that the entire attire comes altogether.

Black Tie Invited

When you are using “Black tie invited” form that is an indication of less official attire. Such a dress code is usually worn in large business meetings and public meetings. In that case you have the option to choose between a tuxedo or jacket.

men’s dress code
men’s dress code


In case of number of events you must choose an appropriate belt. It must be according to the color of the Shoes. It should consist of a buckle which is made in a Neutral Style, Without Jewelry. You can select cufflinks and watches on a leather strap or metal bracelet as accessories.

Different Men’s Dress Code

Cocktail Attire

Cocktail for men is a special dress code that allows some variations in the selection of clothes. The most important thing that you have to consider is the correct combination of colors. When you are dressing for a Corporate Celebration, a family Holiday Organized Indoors, presentation or simply for going to the Theatre then you must keep observations in mind.  Choose a dark but not black suit. In case evening receptions, dark grey or blue is suitable. For daytime activities, you can wear a grey suit pair it up with classic Pants, black or White Shirt with a Long Sleeve and most importantly Black or Brown Shoes. This men’s dress code does not includes vests and hence worn for more solemn occasions.


This is one of the most sort dress code. Whether you are on trips to Expensive Restaurants in Connection with Solemn Events or you went to visit Theatrical Premieres this dress code is the best. The color of the costume depends on the time of the celebration. If the function is after 6 Pm then go for a Dark Suit and if it is held within 6 Pm then go for Suit of Lighter Tones.

Business Casual

Business Casual is a clothing style that is suitable for business meetings with business partners during the working day. In this men’s dress code, large variability of parts is included. Like in case of jackets, you can opt for Jackets made of tweed, wool, velvet of soft shades. You can select shirts of long sleeve, blue shades. A small checkered or striped pattern is best. Along with that loose-fitting trousers from cotton or mixed fabric of dark blue, sand, and mustard are chosen. You can go for both classic shoes and moccasins. You can even replace the jacket with a cardigan made of wool or combine a jacket with plain sweaters.


Casual is a dress code with very flexible requirements and thus it is suitable for office work, business lunches with partners, everyday business meetings. In this dress code, you can opt for Jacket of Calm Shades of Tweed, Wool or Velvet with shirt of any shades. Choosing a dress code is a democratic so you can make changes as per likings. At times you can replace trousers with shorts in hot weather and the replacement of a shirt with a sweater in cold weather. There are no required accessories and usually you can just match a belt with shoe and you are ready to code. Visit RSGlobaldesk for more information regarding various dress codes.