When people say they want to bring a little magic to someone’s lives, we immediately think of making someone smile. Making someone stop, enjoy the moment and be filled with wonder, happiness and joy. Well, without being too cliche, we think that we have the perfect way for you to bring a little magic to your next event… and that’s by hiring a magician Sydney to perform!


A magician is one of the best entertainment choices you can make because they can adapt to all types of events and will appeal to all audiences – even the hard-to-lease guests!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at why hiring a magician Sydney or Sydney wedding is the perfect entertainment for your next corporate event, private party or wedding.

1. For every age and demographics Magician forms the best choice

A magic show always pulls a crowd – whether it’s sleight-of-hand tricks, disappearing rabbits or impressive illusion acts. Young, old, male, female, rich or poor – no one can help enjoying a magic show.

For some, they are swept up in the mystery of the performance, totally blown away by what the magician is performing and happy to embrace the unknown. Others (the cynical ones) are just as intrigued and while they may watch intently trying to “guess” the magician’s secrets; they are secretly pleased to be baffled.

If you are of the cynical inclination, guess all you want, but don’t spoil the show for those of us who love to be impressed by the kid’s party magician.

2. Magic shows are not passive as they are interactive

Forget sitting back and watching a dance performance or listening to a singer, a magician will engage your crowd with an interactive performance. They invite members of the crowd to participate in the performance – and who doesn’t love seeing Frank from accounts holding a playing card in his mouth, or being caught with a coin coming out of his ear!

3. Magic shows for birthday party can be easily customized

Magicians are well-trained performers and can easily customize the length and style of their performances to suit your event. Have your magician in the crowd entertaining guests during pre-dinner drinks, and then perform a feature show during dinner. Maybe ask your magician to incorporate elements of your company’s brand into their performance.

4. You need not have greater space or equipment

Want to have entertainment but don’t have the space on your floor plan for a large stage? Then a magician is perfect. They are usually solo performers and can adapt their show to the space you have available. Don’t have the budget or facilities (power, etc.) for a big production? Again, a magician will be able to tailor their show to suit your venue and event.

5. Spark up a conversation with the help of a magician

Having a magician at your event, whether as a roving performer or a feature show, is guaranteed to get your guests talking! A magician is great at engaging small groups or large audiences who will ultimately feel like it’s us (the guests) vs. the magician. People are curious by nature and always want to know how the trick is performed – This is a great ice breaker and brings guests together as they discuss the act (and their amazement) with people they don’t even know.

Hosting a networking event where people don’t know many other people attending? Perfect!

6. Choose a cost-effective entertainment by hiring a magician

Finally, it’s worth noting that hiring a magician isn’t going to blow the budget and you’ll get great value from the effect their performance can bring to a room.

Final note…

So, this party season bring a little magic to your event by hiring a talented magician!

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