Regular use of a laptop makes it filthy. Now it’s time to clean it from the screen to the keyboard to the vents. Irrespective of the make or model of your laptop, it needs cleaning if you are using it regularly. You will get tired by looking long at the smudged screen and a filthy keyboard to dirty, dusty vents and ports. Therefore, you have to undergo the laptop clean procedure for getting a refreshed laptop. The process of cleaning the laptop is very simple and easy to follow. Below mentioned are the steps in detail.

Laptop Clean

Different steps of laptop clean process

In order to clean the laptop, you will need soft, lint-free cloths, mild dish detergent, a can of compressed air and isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Before you begin with the steps of cleaning, make sure you power down your laptop and unplug it from the wall. If your model is like that of a maneuver, then you will need to remove the battery also. Here are steps to follow for cleaning:

•    In the first step of laptop clean, you have to consider the lid and the bottom panel. Just mix a few drops of inferior dish soap along with two cups of warm water to make a cleaning liquid. Now, dip any lint-free cloth in the soapy mixture, wring out and then wipe down the surfaces using it. Further, you have to rinse out the cloth with clean water. Again, wipe out the entire surfaces using the clean cloth. Finally, to avoid water streaks you must wipe the surfaces for the third time with a dry cloth. This step is very much effective in the cleaning process.

•    Keyword comes second in the process. You can’t let any liquid drip in your keyboard. That can damage the laptop. So, you have to use the can of compressed air for removing any crumbs that lie in the crevices in between the keys. After that, you need to dab a lint-free cloth in isopropyl and rub the keys. Using the soap and water may help in removing some stains but that is not the safest option as there are chances that water gets in the laptop. Whereas when you use isopropyl then it is better in two ways. One is that it evaporates almost immediately which reduces the risk of the liquid getting inside the laptop secondly, it is effective in removing the oily residue on the keys by your fingertips. This method of cleaning is also useful if you lent the laptop to your friend who returned it while sneezing and coughing. In that situation, there is a need to disinfect it. Whenever you lent your laptop to anyone make sure you make your laptop clean by using a disinfecting wipe that has 0.5 percent hydrogen peroxide.

•    Finally, comes the chance of the large side of the laptop. It is likely that they act as a magnet for the dust. The same effect is on the expansion ports. You can use a can of compressed air to blow the dust-out but that is not going to make your laptop better. But it will improve the performance by allowing your laptop to control the temperature with a clean vent. Suppose you find that some dust is stuck behind the vent that you can’t remove by using compressed air then you must check the user manual of the laptop for opening the case. You can clean the vent in that case only by opening the case. You must ensure that you remember about the screws used in it so that you can reassemble the screws easily. The easiest way of doing so is taking pictures of the laptop before opening the case so that you have the reference handy when you close the case after cleaning.

These steps are quite helpful to get the laptop clean. Regular usage will surely make the laptop full of grime and dust. Cleaning it on weekly basis is essential. If you stay busy then you should opt for at least a day in the month when you will undergo the cleaning procedures. You can use the same set of steps for your MacBook or even for your desktop. All the steps mentioned here for cleaning the laptop are tried and tested and you can always check out for detailed steps on cleaning the MacBook as well. If you find that the laptop is not working properly even after cleaning then you can also go for buying a new one. Therefore, you should clean the laptop at a regular interval of time for making it free of dirt, grime and other annoying bits from the devices. Visit RSGlobaldesk for more tips and tricks for maintaining the laptop on a daily basis.

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