This is a very obvious questions that you may face if you are new to SEO. All us want to get our website to the top so that we are able to get the maximum results. Because when you are on top then more people will visit your website which increases the traffic and so the sales prospects increases. Here are top ways to optimize your website and then it will start ranking on Google as soon as possible. These important and essential steps will start giving you organic and real visitors and help you to get top rank. In case you are new to blogging and learn something different and unique then focus on the ways mentioned here as these steps will give you an awesome growth and real customers.

Get Top Rank

Steps to get to the top rank

  • Find the best keywords: Keywords have the power to make your blog popular so research is the best way to find the popular topics which can be helpful to write the best article. You should always focus on your reader’s choice, find out that which topic is relevant to your blog niche and then write by focusing on the keyword. This will enable you to obtain higher Google ranking and get a better result in future.
  • Create XML Sitemap and successfully upload Google Search Console: XML sitemap is a document for Google and other search engines, by using it you can understand your website in a better way while crawling your website. In this way your blog or website will get the identity in search engines and hence the visitors will also increase.
  • Blog should be mobile friendly: If you want to get the top rank in the search engines then you have to make your websites mobile friendly as we know that most of the people are using smartphones for accessing the websites. So, it’s a kind of common sense for a blogger that optimize the blog and make it Mobiles and Tablets friendly. If your website isn’t mobile friendly then you should change it in responsive or convert it according to the device. Therefore, guest blogging is one of the best ways to get to the top of the search engines.
  • Check the speed of opening blogs: By using Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check that your blog load fast or not.  You should use compressed Images (In .jpg or .png format only) and reduce Server Response time for enabling the site to open faster.
  • Make use of Alphabetical URLs: URL is the link address of the page on a website so it must be in descriptive or alphabetical form, try to avoid the dynamic URLs. This process will help you to add your main keyword in URL as well as it will help the crawlers of search engines to find your URL easily. You love to see .com extension of any website and this extension is called Top-Level domain (TLD). That doesn’t imply other extensions are not useful but according to tons of surveys most of the internet users love to remember the .com domain.
  • Interlink the articles: Usually the people who work online prefer to submit the links in another popular blog, it’s a very good process for link building but you should interlink the related articles in the current article keywords to get it to the top rank.
  • Use Unique Title: The title that you make sure should be always unique and filled with useful keywords. The title must tell the users as well as Search Engine that whether the page is useful or not. For a unique and attractive title, you can always set title using H1 tag and use the main keyword in the title. It should be unique from others so that it seems to be attractive and visitors visit on your article.
  • Content Marketing: Finally, creating an article for your blog is the first important step but after that publishing the article is the second step is Content Marketing via Social Media, Email Forwarding, Post the Link in popular blogs and in this way remain active in related forum’s is essential step of content marketing.

These steps are the key to get to the top rank in Google and other search engines. You can promote your articles as much as you can, I will give you some useful tips here to promote your content on social media websites. Now you know the process to get to the top rank of the search engines. Make sure that all these steps are followed or majority of the steps are followed so that concerned results are achieved with the help of experts. If you any doubt in following any step of the process or you need guidance then you can contact the SEO team for help.


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