It’s imperative for people of all ages, especially elderly people, to stay active. As per the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control, to be physically active can decrease the risk of heart disease and colon cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Doing physical activity also helps managing weight, contributes to healthy bones, good muscles, and joints; decreases the pain of arthritis. Also, it reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression; and can reduce the need for hospitalizations. 


Here, we are going to discuss various steps that can help seniors with diabetes. These exercise tips will surely help the diabetic elderly people to live a normal life. Read the following exercise tips and implement them. 

1. Maintain a Healthy Schedule 

Maintain a regular schedule of waking and proper sleeping. This will help you to stay active and always engaged and also make sure that you are getting a good amount of restorative rest every day. If you pay close attention to your overall health, then it will let you control your diabetes.

2. Consult Your Physician

Before starting any exercise regimen, it is very crucial to consult your doctor and have a complete medical check-up done. On the basis of your age and current health condition, the doctor will advise you on what exercises you can take up easily and which ones would not be good for you.

3. Hire an Instructor

A personal trainer or professional fitness instructor will guide you on the correct way to exercise without hurting yourself. They will also take care that you don’t overstress yourself. The instructor will tailor an exercise program specific to your needs and capabilities. Also, the instructor will stop you whenever you start overdoing. A good instructor can also recommend a good diet as per your health and diabetic condition. 

4. Do Activities You Enjoy

Join a social group for senior citizens. It is always fun to do some physical activities in a group. Simply, you can go for a long walk, do some jogging, dancing or stretching exercises. Exercising with a group helps motivate you. According to the studies, elderly people who took a 30-minute brisk walk three days a week have good physical and mental health. 

5. Exercises That You Should Do 

There are four kinds of exercises that must be a part of your daily exercise plan:

• Strength exercises

This type of exercise includes weight-lifting, sit-ups, and push-ups that help build muscles and increase your metabolism.

• Balance exercises

This type of exercise helps in improving the balance of the person. It is very important because old age people are prone to experience dizziness.

• Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises can help in relieving muscle and joint pain. They also help relax tight muscles and increase flexibility.

• Endurance exercises

Endurance training helps increase your cardiovascular health. Activities such as cycling, brisk walking, dancing, and swimming increase the capacity of the heart to pump blood through the body.

6. Exercise Gear

While doing exercise, you should wear good, loose exercise clothes that are comfortable and will not cause you to trip and fall down. Always carry a drinking water bottle with you. Wear comfortable sports shoes so that you do not start feeling swollen feet and pain. Exercise gear must be chosen carefully, taking into consideration the climate, environment you are exercising in, temperature, humidity, and type of exercise you are going to do. Never wear uncomfortable clothes while doing exercise. Also, if you are doing stretching or sitting exercise then consider having Foot pillow for comfort. 

7. Exercise Intensity

Start out with low-intensity exercises and stretching. They will give your body time to warm up. Slowly increase the intensity. Drink sufficient amounts of water every fifteen minutes to prevent yourself from dehydration. If you feel dizzy while working out, you should stop the activity and take rest. If symptoms of chest pain or headaches appear in between exercise, you should consult your doctor immediately. You must always keep in mind that it is never too late for an individual to start exercising. Exercising regularly can help senior citizens healthy and fit. It increases blood flow towards your brain and makes a person mentally alert and agile.

8. Don’t Jump Into a Fitness Routine

First of all, start with stretching your arms, legs, and back. Gradually increase the pace of your exercise. Never do too much too soon. Otherwise, you will hurt yourself. For instance, start with 10 minutes of walking before going to 30 minutes’ walk. You should talk to a fitness instructor for a strength-training program and using weights and machines. 

9. Exercise Should Make You Feel Better

If you feel a little soreness, discomfort, or fatigue, then it is normal. Always listen to your body, if you start feeling light-headed, shortness of breath, severe headache, or sweating excessively, or experience pain in the chest or anywhere else, then stop doing exercise. In case symptoms persist, then immediately contact your doctor.

10. Watch out for the Ambient Condition

If it’s too hot, exercise in the early morning or early evening when the surrounding atmosphere is favorable or stay in the shade and wear lightweight clothing. If it’s too cold, then you should dress in layers, and be careful of snow. Also, make sure to keep your body always hydrated when you are engaging in exercise that makes you sweat. Drink before, during, and even after doing exercise to keep your body hydrated. Drinking water also helps our body to detox and get rid of bad chemicals. 

To Conclude

Proper care and healthy habits can help people with diabetes to enjoy their happy lives. By paying close attention to diet, regular exercise, and proper monitoring, blood sugar levels can extend a life elder diabetic person. It is imperative to take care of elder people suffering from diabetes to avoid any major complications. Exercising regularly will help increase your metabolism, keep your weight in control, strengthen the bones, increase muscle strength, reduces joint pain, decreases stress and anxiety, helps rejuvenate yourself, and reduces the incidence of diseases like arthritis and cardiovascular disorders.

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