Separated parents experience parental happiness and tension. Additional burdens, stress and pressure like the COVID-19 pandemic can be difficult to handle and can be anxious for parents and children alike. Gold Coast family lawyers make these top 5 recommendations which can support separate parents to cope with this tricky situation.

Remain fit & Stay healthy

We also have a part to play in the spreading of COVID-19. It covers medical and household grooming and physical distances. Most households have selected self-isolation in order to avoid the dissemination and safeguard those at risk in their neighborhoods.

When your children live between two families, it is critical that all parents and households obey the appropriate guidelines. This means, the children will travel from home to home while putting themselves and everyone else at an unreasonable risk.

Please ensure the other individual that the government health guidelines are followed. This demonstrates whether you take things seriously and will give all of you a sense of security. For all co-parenting, if you are clear in every household, it works best.

Be mutual

Communication is the secret to any successful co-parenting relationship, so it is more critical than ever during a pandemic.

Ask them if they’re all right and they’ve got everything they need. Show remorse for your contact with them. Everybody is terrified at this time, but we’re all doing that in different respects, and others are afraid to admit it.

When making schedules or improving medication for your kids, stick to the point and try not to let anxiety and concern cloud your judgment. If contact strays, be the one who gets it back to the subject.

You may find that you’re going to come together to get through this, and eventually that may be a good step-up for your co-parenting relationship.

Use Common sense 

The events of the COVID-19 pandemic have never occurred. Everyone has been educated, and policy and health providers are uncertain. The truth is that nobody has concrete information to major questions and definitely has no ‘shared custody guide and during pandemic.’ Basic logic, however, will take priority.

Of starters, if you do need to speak to your former wife about the areas where children will be more secure for the duration of 14 days. Note even which parent is in a better position to look after them. Perhaps one of you is qualified professionally or one is immune.

It’s because you have a question about your parental plans and you can’t find a solution. Decide more on the basis of the best outcome and plain old good judgment for your kids.

The problem does not settle immediately during COVID-19. Throughout the coming weeks and months, the manner in which we work, connect, and interact must change. Take a concerted attempt to celebrate the positive and happier times each day, keep up with friends and family who will help you through mobile or social media, and note that at this time you’re the focus of your children.

Financial tensions

Most people are going to be faced with financial problems at this time. Any financial problems surrounding you or your ex-partner will have an effect on your children. For this cause, try to understand the scenario the other parent is in.

When your former-partner has been made obsolete and you work from home and still make a living, your child support balance will change.

Also, a parent who’s struggling without jobs with intense rent anxiety isn’t going to be able to get a decent dad, because eventually, it’s the baby who’s going to struggle. Move out of here, come together and stand together with your little ones.

Be positive

This situation will not be fixed immediately. The way we work, socialize, connect, and parents should adjust in the next few weeks and months.

Take a concerted effort to celebrate each day’s positive and happy moments, remain linked to friends or family who can support you by phone or social media, and note that you are the light for your kids at this stage.


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