What is 5G and its advantages:

This is 21st century. The period has a place with innovation. Numerous tech related leap forward occurred in this century. One of the latest inventions of this modern age is 5G technology. We are familiar with 4G, the mobile network that is used to make calls, surf the internet and many more. Now the 5 th generation of mobile network is all set to replace the older one. It will have almost 100 times better capacity than 4G.For example if you download a movie in 4G it will take about six minutes, but in 5G it will take only about three and half seconds. 5G is a different technology compared to 4G. 5G will depend on cloud rather than wire. The frequency bands used in 5G technology is much higher compared to other generations. It ranges from 24GHz to 86GHz. This is called ‘Millimeter Wave’. The advantage of this is higher data transfer rate. The peak speed can be as high as 10Gbps. Also in 5G technology the response time will be much faster. The size of mobile antenna will be smaller in 5G as compared to others. Thus multiple antennas can be used to boost the signal strengths of 5G.This will also use small cell system. The idea is basically to use smaller mobile towers in large numbers and the density of number of towers in an area will be very high. The capacity of towers will increase in 5G. 5G technology will also use a technology called ‘Beam Forming’. It will target every specific user and boost the signal strength accordingly. Thus the interference in 5G will be lesser. A technique called ‘Network Slicing’ will be used in 5G where network operators can provide portions of their network for a specific user.
One of the most significant advantages of 5G technology is ‘Full Duplex Connection’, where a user can achieve very high download as well as upload speed simultaneously and data connection will remain unhampered while taking calls.


Is 5G that good? Not really. There are some things about 5G worth considering. First and foremost is the cost of 5G.It is much costlier than 4G.According to some analysts network operators have to increase the cost of 5G plans significantly as compared to 4G or 3G.Because the cost of implementation of 5G technology is very high. For example 3G or even 4G was relatively cheap to setup as both the technologies uses country’s radio spectrum. But in the case of 5G it requires frequency with higher bandwidth to work properly. So the network providers have to reconstruct their infrastructure. Another disadvantage of 5G is as it uses higher frequency. As a result the range along with strength of the signal will be weaker. Signal loss or drop will be higher. The penetration power will also decrease. Due to slight change in weather there might be loss in signal as well. Many of the existing devices will be unable to use the technology. So as to utilize 5G technology clients need to supplant their gadgets. The expense of 5G gadgets will be generally higher. A few specialists state it causes wellbeing impacts. Sweat gland in human body retain 5G radiations. Thus there may be danger of increment of melanoma or epithelioma. Anyway 5G technology is still a work in progress there are numerous security blemishes that are yet to be fathomed.

Its uses:

AS 5G has very low latency and very high response time it can be used in augmented reality, virtual reality, cloud gaming etc. In automotive industry 5G technology can be implemented in self driving cars for faster and lag free communication. Future of Artificial intelligence and voice assistance will grow faster due to 5G.There will be significant improvement in Internet of Things (IoT) as well. According to a report by 2025 5G will not only link robots but also will be used in medical devices, agriculture, industrial equipments and so on.

When can we start using 5G:

5G technology was first created in July 2013. We can say it is now in beta stage. It is being tested around the world. So the question is ‘when can we use 5g?’ Not right now. According to some experts not until mid of 2020. A recent report says that by the year 2025 total 5G connections will still lag behind 4G connections globally. U.S.A and China will be among the first to
launch 5G services. In India it is expected to launch by the end of 2019. It is being predicted that by 2025 in U.S.A almost 50% of total mobile connections will be 5G which will be the highest in terms of percentage compared to any other country by then. But the rate of growth of 5G technology will be slower compared to any other generation of mobile network.
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