A career generally means something in between a way of life and job. It can also be defined as a sequence of job that constitutes what a person does for living. Career planning is a process by which one selects career goals and path to those goals. It encourages individuals to explore and gather information which enables them to make decisions, set goal and take actions. Choosing a career is a big decision and the truth is that we are not prepared to take such a big decision at the time we require taking it. It is a crucial phase for human resource development.

Career Planning

Career planning forces the employees to be proactive and anticipate problems and opportunities. There are two processes in career planning and development. That is career planning and career management. Careers planning and development is a process that aligns the interest and skills of employees with the needs of the organisation. It plays a major role in ensuring that the organisations have a competitive and knowledgeable work force. The advantage of setting a career planning program is it helps the individuals to gain more knowledge.

 The relationship between the career planning and education is very significant, especially considering the needs of modern era in which technology has turned nearly meaning of all concepts.

Steps To Develop Career Planning

1. Make career planning a regular event:

 At least once a year schedule a time to focus on what you want out of your career.

2. Set a career goal:

If you can be successful in your career without setting a goal, you can be even more success with setting goal. Review and adjust those goals on a regular basis and develop new goals when you accomplish the previous one.

3. Career Advancement Opportunities

A fun part of careers planning and development is picturing your career in the future. Where you will be next 5 years? While it’s impossible to plan everything. It’s always good idea to know where you are going and what various career paths are available for you.

4. Explore careers related to your degree.

To know more about career path, conduct several informational knowledge with people who have more experience in the desired field.

5. Skill Developments

Every now and then you should develop yourself. You could try to gain the knowledge and improve your skill set.Career development is one of the main aspects of overall human development. Many people will not be able to find fulfillment in developing their career. Career development is not something that benefit the individuals alone, but also the organization.

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