If you have recently gone through plastic surgery and the results are not as expected as they should be, the plastic surgeon may be held financially liable. The plastic surgeon might get sued for the ill resulted injuries and sued medical practices. Thus, if you do not sustain any harm and are just not happy with the results, you can still have the case.

Although the breach of contract and the breach of warranty applies to the business conditions and the consumer products, you can sue the plastic surgeon who has done your surgery for either of the mentioned cases. Or you can always have a claim for a medical malpractice attorney in Jacksonville, Florida.

When the Breach of Contract of Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong:

When a plastic surgeon and a patient agree on a contract or a course of treatment is created, even if the agreement is not written down. If the plastic surgeon still fails to treat the promised surgery quality, it will be considered a breach of contract. If you wish to sue the surgeon for the breach of contract, you are able to prove that the plastic surgeon implied the wrong size or kind of implant that we both have agreed upon or that the doctor has somehow deviated from your earlier request. If you then win a case on the basis of the breach of contract, you will be then able to recover the economic damages. And also, the compensation for pain and the suffering, or the loss of ordinary life, may not be available.

When the Breach of Warranty of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong:

If a plastic surgeon starts to look at a relationship with a patient on the basis that they will obtain specific results for the patient, they have crucially created assurance of performance. For the sake of suing for the breach of warranty of the plastic surgery gone wrong, the doctor should have promised calculable results. Promises of “You will look the best version of your post-surgery,” or “We provide the best results” do not classify as guarantee or warranty. Moreover, if the doctor agreed that they would get a specific size, shape, or even the resemblance of a celebrity, and the results were totally off-base from the actual promise, you could claim the doctor liable for imperfection to meet their commitment.

A Jury May Be Needed:

Lawyers represent the doctors, and the other medical care suppliers often point out that a specific process was entirely elective and that the patient just doesn’t care for the fresh appearance.

 On the other hand, if a medical professional has carried out neglectful, society is protected for all when the practitioners are held responsible for medical malpractice. Once in a while, a jury is needed to hear the evidence and make the final decision.

While the expert medical malpractice attorneys work hard to get fair settlements, we are also skilled trial lawyers and ready to make a case to the jury.

What if the patient does not like the plastic Surgery Results?

An opinion of the patient about the result alone is not enough to assist a lawsuit facing a surgeon or several medical professionals. The actual question that should be answered is whether the surgeon has promised medical malpractice. If a surgeon performs reasonably, still the patient does not like the appearance, the surgeon will not be lawfully liable for the consequences.

Therefore, there are several circumstances in which remedial negligence exists in plastic surgery, such as medical malpractice attorney Jacksonville, Florida. Below, we have advised the matter,

1. Surgical Errors – Sometimes, surgeons make huge mishaps, like treating the wrong part of the body or incorrectly carrying out a joint surgery. It can damage the functionality of a patient’s body part, like an eye. Patients also suffer the loss of skin, or nerve damage, abnormal scarring. 

2. Anaesthesia Errors – Just like with any treatment, anesthesia can be used negligently, consequently harming a patient.

3. Medication Errors – Surgeons may suggest an incorrect medication or the one to which a patient is allergic. In the same way, hospital pharmacists can be mistaken for filling a prescription. Helpers may make mistakes in prescribing medication to a patient and, for example, using the wrong power or the inaccurate medication dosage.

Get the Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer:

Medical malpractice can be challenging to prove, and especially in the cases where plastic surgery goes wrong. To get the best possible results in your case, permit a personal injury lawyer to counsel on your behalf. The medical malpractice attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, understands what it takes to build a valid personal injury case. That will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve after a plastic surgeon fails to offer the quality performance they promised you. You are always free to consult a personal surgery lawyer for your claims and do not like the results. 


Hiring a medical malpractice attorney Jacksonville, Florida is the next stage in your recovery. Medical malpractice lawsuits are highly complicated, both in terms of the process and establishing wrongdoing. If you or a loved one has been hurt as a result of a health care provider’s or facility’s carelessness, contact Sowell and Chakour now to discuss the facts of your case and devise a strategy to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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