Time is everything and it’s very necessary to invest your time in the right place. Everybody has definitely felt the lack of time availability in their schedule. Work pressure makes us irritate and frustrate. It’s even more painful if our phone is suffering from severe malfunction.

Now a day’s people used their smart phone a lot and if their phone get their heart. Although, branded phone like Samsung, iphone, Oppo, Vivo etc. are electronic item. If human body is get sick than it’s not a astonishing thing that your smart phone is also get sick too! Apart from these lots of hacking and internet threats makes our smart phone as an easy prey for the attacker. So, it is very necessary to keep our devices up-grade.

We at Fonecare, provide you the entire service facility regarding to your Samsung phone. It’s a screen replacement or a up-gradation, we can fix your every hardware or software related issue in a one go. Our policy is to make you happy and we do every possible thing to get that smile on your face. Being as India’s premier repairing shop for Samsung devices, we get our happiness in the customer satisfaction each and every employee at Fonecare is able to give you the most desirable experience of customer service. Our specially formed support team is very capable to give you the peace of the mind that, what you except from us.

No hassle! No delay! No failed promise! , you see the most favourable service in the repairing works. Our engineers are very professional and trained for years to achieve the capabilities to deal and diagnose the smart phones issue. We are specialist and authorised shop for the Samsung device. We repair the device using unique technique with the help of our precise tools, so that you can’t see any fault in your device after the repairing work. Our previous customers are very delighted from our services.

 We provide you the best competitive price for your repairing work. So, no worries for money related issue. We give you the same service what you are expecting from us. All of our company policy is only focused on the customer side and well informed for your comfort. We also give flexible, durable, convenient and customised according to our customer demand. We provide you the most fabulous and remarkable repairing work in the entire market. Our service area is mainly concentrated on the Mumbai. Therefore you can reach us at the Best smartphone repair center in Mumbai . Beside this we are also doing a great job in insurance business also. No matter from which company your smart phone is belongs to we have a vast range of insurance option on the e-device. Our all insurance policies come with a one year duration and very minimal price. In addition to this our most customers friendly service is lies in our pick up and drop facility. Our employee pickup your gadgets from your door and also drop your gadgets in front of your door after the repairing job. We are just a call away from u. call 022-43453333 or 7302448448.