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There are plenty of activities to do in New York but a food tour is a must. If you want to enjoy and experience the trip differently, you should surely visit the famous restaurants in that place. Over the past decade, many innovative eateries featuring celebrity chefs and five-star restaurants have come up in the city. You can taste all sorts of cuisines belonging all the major countries of the world. Here is a list of some of the restaurants in New York known for tasty dishes and good and fast service.

restaurants in New York

List of restaurants

XIX Restaurant: It provides gourmet dining which overlooks spectacular views of the vibrant city. It is the best-suited place for fine dining in an intimate setting. It is one of the highest restaurants which serves unique creations from its team of sought-after chefs. You can’t get better seafood dishes or NY strip steak in the area. It is a stunning place and considered as the first-choice restaurant in New York for a special occasion, and mostly preferred for Sunday brunch or a romantic evening for two.

Palm Restaurant: Another restaurant located in The Bellevue Hotel is the Palm Restaurant which was recently renovated in 2017 to include sophisticated accents with more modern décor. It is the perfect location for having a memorable dinner with family and friends. You can also select this place for having an important business lunch. The spectacular food of this restaurant will never disappoint you.  Along with the food it is also known for its perfectly paired wine. You can taste here prime aged steaks, Italian classics, and whole lobster flown in from Nova Scotia. Some of the famous and most preferred dishes include the Grilled Chicken Paillard with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, baby arugula, and grilled asparagus salad.

Volver: This is the only restaurant in New York, where you can experience Iron Chef Jose Garces’ evolving menu which is based on his culinary travels. All the cuisine focuses on modern techniques and usually, seasonal ingredients are used. This amplifies and captures their unique flavors. It is located at the Kimmel Center and provides their visitors with a casual but very sophisticated atmosphere. You can various cuisines from the menu which includes Cannelloni Chicken with foie gras, pumpkin, smoked swiss chard, truffle chicken jus, sherry, and foie gras cream. If you are a steak lover then you have the options of the Grasslands Veal Hanger Steak with chanterelle mushrooms, black garlic puree, artichokes, and red chile and tahini dressing.

Fork: This restaurant in New York is believed to have good service and they mainly focus on the detailing. Here oysters are presented in a crystal bowl which offers you impressive dining experience. This is a contemporary American establishment which serves dinner every night along with a Sunday brunch. The menu is mainly inspired by the local growers and producers of the Mid-Atlantic region.

Panorama:  This restaurant is not only known for its delicious cuisines but also for its Guinness World Record as the World’s Largest Wine Bar. You have several options for choosing your glass. You can choose one of the 30 wine flights or one of the 150 wines by the glass. Every dish on the menu can be paired exquisitely with the wine. The bar snacks include sweet Amalia oysters and chicken liver mousse. You can’t miss tasting their handmade potato gnocchi or the monkfish saltimbocca with parsnips and Brussels sprouts.

Scarpetta: Scarpetta is a restaurants in New York which is known for a setting that suits a special occasion. The atmosphere of the place is sleek, and fancy, with relaxing music playing in the background. All the dishes are served under a white cloche which adds glamor to your meal. Some must-try dishes are duck ravioli, polenta with truffled mushrooms, and veal tenderloin. So, in your next food tour, make sure that you explore these restaurants in New York and add the experience of tasting their delicious cuisines and enjoy their beautiful ambiance. Visit RSGlobaldesk if you want to know more about restaurants.

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