With each day Big Commerce is growing as an ideal eCommerce platform. It offers stunning themes and a very user-friendly experience. If you want to start an online store then the first thing you should do is make Big Commerce as your eCommerce partner, then select a perfect theme. Hence, in this article, the best BigCommerce themes are mentioned. You can choose any of these themes as per your requirement:

Some of the best BigCommerce themes are:

Best Bigcommerce Themes

SwissWatch: You can opt for this theme if you want to sell fashion accessories like watches, shoes, bags & wallets, sunglasses, etc. This theme can be easily customized and used as well as for grocery, mechanical equipment, and electronics items. There are various promotional sections like; Featured Products and New Products. In each section, large promotional banner is present to showcase a specific product.

Milano: It is considered as one of the best BigCommerce themes which you can find only on BigCommerce’s official theme store.  Milano was highly appreciated by the fashion industry. It was also be used for grocery, electronics, home & furniture industries. Hence, it can be used for big businesses which have a large catalogue of products.

Artify: It is a continuous evolving theme. This has been updated many times as per the new updates of BigCommerce. The latest Artify theme was launched in the official BigCommerce theme store with 4 variants that are Fashion, Beauty, Jewelry, and Electronics.  Basically, it is designed for the Fashion industry, but it is a perfect template for home appliances, furniture, electronics, etc. 

La Lingerie: This is a premium addition to the theme collection. It is appropriate for stores which sell fashion accessories. It is also a suitable theme to sell western wear, shoes, sunglasses, jewellery, etc. If you are looking for a theme that can showcase a vast catalogue then this is for you.

Alpha Retail: Usually, the online grocery stores preferred the Milano theme, but there were continuous requests from the clients who want slight changes in the themes. Thus, few modifications were made in it after understanding and analysing the needs of online grocery stores. That gave birth to Alpha Retail. This was introduced as a theme which was designed keeping in mind the grocery stores so that that can dedicatedly serve these stores. Today, this theme is one of the most preferred themes in the retail industry. If you are looking for themes for the grocery store or retailing then you should opt for Alpha Retail as this is the best Big Commerce theme for you.

Barcelona: If you own a store which deals with a large set of products then Barcelona is an ideal choice for such stores. Suppose there is an online fashion store that sells everything related to clothing, accessories, and makeup those stores always use this theme. As this theme is designed for handling large product catalogues, according to which you can categorize your products perfectly. It can also be used for an online automobile store with a long list of parts as they deal with a large set of products.

Gift Centre: This theme is designed especially for small businesses. These businesses mostly prefer this theme as they deal with gifts & souvenirs, fashion accessories, bakery items, grocery stores, etc. and this them is appropriate for them to deal with every section at a low budget.

RapidCenter: While designing this theme minimal approach was kept in mind. So, if you are a person who believes in minimalism then this theme is perfect for you. Though it is based on minimalism but has all the necessary features. You should definitely check out this them as only the necessary elements are used in it and thus it loads faster and delivers a great user experience.

Black Beauty: This theme is considered as one of the best BigCommerce themes for the accessory’s stores. It was specifically designed for jewellery & accessories stores. It has a noir background, due to which jewellery products can be displayed with elegance and looks quite attractive. So, if you have a jewellery store where you want to display accessories then this is the best choice.

EWorld: This theme is for meeting all the requirements of an online electronics store. You can list thousands of electronics products in this theme effectively. Thus, this is one of the most important factors for any electronics store, so it allows customers to compare four products at a time and choose the best one according to their preference.


Hence, whenever you want to open an online choosing the right theme is very crucial. You have to analyse all the themes minutely and then pick the best BigCommerce theme for your business. You can definitely customise all these themes according to your preference so that you get the most suitable them for your dream store. If you wish to know about these themes then visit RSGlobaldesk and know more about it.