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Andaman and spending time with newlywed spouse in honeymoon is synonymous. Sometimes people believe some myths that Andaman will be a big-budget trip or the place is full of tribal and inconvenience to eat customized food. But in reality, if you choose proper Andaman honeymoon package then you can enjoy a budget friendly trip. When it comes to tribals, well most of the tribal groups are familiar with the people like you. You don’t require worrying at all. Sentinelese people are violent when they come to contact with people from outside world. But you won’t need to worry about it. And plenty of restaurants are available to meet your food cravings. Honeymoon is only to way to explore your spouse in more sensuous way and the chance to fall in more love. So don’t spoil it by choosing wrong tour operator.

Andaman Honeymoon Package

Which places you need to add in your Andaman honeymoon package?

Plan your trip in such way so that you can enjoy sightseeing and also able to spend time with your newlywed spouse.

Necessary things to discuss with tour operator of Andaman Honeymoon Package-

  1. Discussing about the dates when you are planning to visit Andaman

It is necessary you must be well aware of the hotel rates and the weather information. If you choose peak season then hotel rates will be high. So better, you plan as early as possible. And don’t forget to ask about the weather condition.

  • Discussing about the best destination-

What will be your destination is it Havelock or Neil Island-clear it now. And then you must check out shops and restaurants in surrounding area.

  • Discussing about the sightseeing places-

What kind of dresses you need to carry during visiting different sightseeing places is necessary. So you must discuss with your tour operator about these things.

  • Don’t forget to check out the tour company details-

Before avail Andaman Honeymoon Package, you can contact with the people who made trips with that travel company. Don’t forget to check out the reviews written by the travellers.

Now it’s time to know which places you are going to explore in your Andaman Honeymoon Package.

  1. Carbyn’s Cove Beach-

You can enjoy water sports like water scooter, speed boat and other sport activities in this beach. This beach is quite calm and clean. You can take a romantic walk with your partner as the scenic view is awesome. You can refresh up with coconut waters.

  • Chidiatapu Sunset-

After enjoying sports activities, you must long for spending some calm and quiet moment .Then you must visit Chidiatapu to enjoy sunset. You will be witness of so many birds returning to their nest. Chirping sounds of these birds will make you lost in that moment. There ample opportunities to take some awesome snaps of nature and with your partner.

  • Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show-

AT Port Blair you must visit Cellular Jail where you will hear some goose bumps stories of the prisoners/ Indian freedom fighters who were tortured by the British rulers. It will take entire day to check out entire cellular jail. At evening you will enjoy Light and Sound show.

  • Candle Light Dinner-

To create some special moments in your Honeymoon you can have candle light dinner with your partner at Havelock.

  • Premium Cruise to Havelock and Neil Island-

It will be some mesmerizing moment when you spend some time in cruise holding hands with your partners and stare at the sea flawlessly. You can have candle light dinner there too.

Honeymoon is all about to create some unforgettable lifetime memories. So don’t spoil it and avail proper budget friendly, convenient Andaman Honeymoon Package quickly.

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