Nowadays most of the trades are making the use of applications of cloud services. The QuickBooks, Adobe, Dropbox, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, G-suite of Google are known to most of us. Do you think that it is safe to use the cloud data? Here, you can store the sensitive data of your business. Microsoft, Google and Amazon are some of the cloud service providers. On comparing these service providers with the servers that are available on premise we found that these service providers offer more security to the data. But when the data comes in contact with different systems just after leaving the cloud then it is not safe. The risk in this type of data is because of employee mishaps like the connections of wi-fi that are insecure, accidental deletions, disgruntled employees and log-in credentials that are stolen. However, it is possible to reduce the risk by implementing various security measures. Now I will describe about 7 ways to achieve data security in the cloud.

Cloud Security

1. Use multi-factor authentication – The hackers can easily get your business data after hacking your accounts if you use a combination of password and username that is traditional. Then the applications based on cloud can also be accessed by them when they will log into these after getting your password and username. To make sure that the logging-in to the applications of cloud is by the authorized personnel only, you have to use two-factor authentication. The cloud applications cannot be accessed by the hackers if you will use this most effective and cheapest method. How does this method work? You will receive an access code on email or on your mobile via SMS. Sometimes you need to answer some security questions or select the right image.

2. Improve cloud computing security by managing the user access – All the files, all information pieces or all the applications are not accessed by a single employee. Every employee has limited access. To make sure that every member of the company has access to his data or applications only it becomes necessary to set the authorization levels properly. Nobody can access the information for which he does not have authorization.

3.  Detect intruders by using automated solutions – If someone uses a device or IP that is unknown and logs-in then his usage pattern can be spotted by doing analysis and monitoring in real time. Your system can get a breach with abnormal activities of these types. For helping you out, there are several solutions of data protection:

  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation
  • Intrusion Detection and Response

The services provided by cyber security vary with different businesses. So, before investing in it, check if someone doing a similar business has benefited from it.

4. Develop an off-boarding process in a comprehensive manner for the employees who depart from your business – You need to ensure that the intellectual properties, customer information, data, systems and cloud storage cannot be accessed by those people who depart from your company. You can do this with a deprovisioning process that is systemized. With this you can revoke the departing employee’s access rights from using platforms and applications of cloud. For setting up, implementing and maintaining this process in a proper manner you can also take the help of some other party by outsourcing this task to that party. 

5.Train your employees about how to protect websites from spoofing or phishing – There are various activities like social media spying, website spoofing and phishing by which login credentials of the employees can be stolen and their secure information can be accessed by the hackers. To protect the sensitive information of your company you can provide the employees proper training.

6. Do the encryption of data – You can involve in the exercise of data encryption so as to get protection to a great extent. By doing this, only authorized users can access and read the data that is encrypted. You can send emails and files after encrypting the data and the sensitive devices so that an unauthorized person can’t access it. For this you need to provide a feature of encryption in the cloud service provider that you use.

7. Provide backup solutions for the data – The platform of cloud applications is associated with various legitimate risks. Because of human error, the chances of losing the information are much more as compared to that of the mistake of the cloud provider. For restoring the data, you need to identify the fees associated with it as well the time frame used for it. Backup solutions from cloud to cloud need to be provided to protect the information from getting corrupted or missed. For your business you can get the best solution by consulting with a reputable IT professional. If you are interested in getting the services of SEO, digital marketing and custom web design then contact Website design India.

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