When you build your website, the technical side is not that complicated, thanks to these modern and easy-to-use website programs.

But what you need to focus on, is the content of the site. These are our tips to avoid mistakes while creating your own website. Continue reading…!!! If you are interested to create your own website, clasywebsitebuilders will guide you with useful tricks and tips.


1. Keep your website simple and well-arranged

These days people appreciate “neat” looking websites that immediately tell the reader what they are doing. No more hassle with banners, buttons or other flashy animations to fill your website with. (Do you still remember the websites from the 90s and 100s?) Fortunately, these website programs have modern and neat templates to choose from!

When a user arrives at your website, it must immediately be clear what you stand for, for example, “Hi, I am Pieter, a personal trainer in Amsterdam!”. If it is not clear, the person will simply click on the back button and visit someone else’s website.

Also remember that by 2019, probably 60 to 70% of web traffic will appear on mobile websites. So when you are designing your website, you don’t have to worry too much about what your site looks like on the computer. Be sure, to also look at the mobile screen. See if it is clear when used and easy to find the required information such as the phone number of your business, and the address if relevant.

But no worries – all the website creators listed above build responsive sites (they look good on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop).

2. Know the basics of SEO (search engine optimization)

A website that nobody can find is not very useful. The purpose of your websites is to attract more visitors and potential customers, right?

But what is search engine optimization now? A big question, but this is the basis, explained in a few sentences:

You have to optimize your website for certain keywords so that people can find it via Google. For example, if you are a photographer in Rotterdam then the title of your homepage should look something like this:

Name of your business – photographer in Rotterdam

Sounds easy, but many website makers forget to add such information. You always have to put yourself in the mind of your potential customers and think which “keywords” they type in Google when they search for the services you offer. You can change these SEO settings in all the best website programs.

3. Place the reader in the center of attention

Often when you browse websites or small things, they focus on themselves. “Our business has been around since 1985, we do this, we do that …”.

It is and remains one of the biggest mistakes that companies make. They think everything revolves around them. But it must be about the customer/reader and how you can help them.

Instead of writing in a “corporate” style, passive and formal text, you just focus on the reader and the solutions you provide them.

When you write text on the internet and for your website, focus on the reader and offer them solutions. And then motivate them to take action – whatever you want them to do!

Tips for choosing the best site builder for your first web page:

  • You must include the option to install tools for web optimization or make changes to the HTML code.
  • Do not trust the prices more than that confirms that it includes technical assistance for any event that occurs on your site and makes sure that if in the future you want to migrate your site to a professional hosting provider it can be done without compromising your SEO and content.
  • Make sure that it includes the most features that help you with the operation of your site.
  • Take care of the domain name, the best thing is that you can register your domain without problems and that you can also register new domains for future projects.
  • Do not settle for site builders that offer everything in a free plan, sometimes there may be limitations especially at SEO level and web hosting.

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